Wanna read my diary?

Dearest Readers,

I have excellent news! I am now writing a feature called “Secret Diary of a PhD Candidate” for The Shakespeare Standard! In it, I’ll be writing all about my journey from a wide-eyed first-year PhD Candidate to … well, hopefully to an equally enthusiastic, more wordly, and tenure-tracked Dr. Weinberg! And if (nay, when, to be sure) there are bumps along the way, I’ll be writing about that, too!

Not to worry, I’ll be continuing with Why I love Shakespeare (how could I not? I love thee!), but I definitely encourage you to check out TSS, as it’s a great blog, filled with writers who, true to my heart, share of love of Shakespeare and want to bring the joy to all of you on the interweb!

So check out my not-so-secret Diary @ http://willshak.es/hNHjJC and stay tuned for a review of Stephen Greenblatt’s newest book, Shakespeare’s Freedom!


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