New Year’s Resolution coming to life!

I told myself that it was necessary to get back to blogging and my dearest neighbour Leigh Ann must have felt my need for inspiration, because she got me a lovely Christmas gift: Becoming Shakespeare, by Jack Lynch (and thanks to my mother for the slightly less p.c. Chanukah gift, Filthy Shakespeare).

I’m about a third way in, but no judgies on the slow reading: a faction of the Oxford Austen texts on my desk are sneering at the Cambridge Shakespeares on my bookshelf! What I mean to say is that it’s nice to take a night off from course work and get back in touch with why I’m here.

I see a lot of myself in Lynch, or at least his narrative persona (as I tell my undergrads to clarify, especially when talking about Shakespeare). Lynch is the kind of guy who loves to talk about those who love to talk about Shakespeare! … that, and a delight in purveying tales of juicy scandal, drunken debauchery and venereal disease (is there any other kind?).

Becoming Shakespeare serves as a great rundown of Shakespearean theatre history. It offers a little bit of everything and I didn’t feel that scholar’s urge to take notes (a lie as soon as I wrote it: I had to put the book down due to a surge of inspiration to get back to my blog), because I know that Lynch’s website offers amazing resources that can elaborate on any element of the Shakespearean history he discussed in the book. It might not be time travel in any realistic sense, but it’s escape enough for a school night in frosty Kingston. 😀


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